Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ikat textiles of Orissa

Ikat weaving started and developed in India in regions like Orissa, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.
Orissa has a patola style of its own. The mainstay in the Ikat from Orissa is the fact that the dye adheres superbly to the fabric and I personally love their colors. I believe that Ikat from Orissa is different simply because of the rich minerals in the water used in the region that makes the colors really eye catching. The designs, in general are in floral patterns, with animals and certain traditional motifs like fish conch. The cotton Ikats in Orissa are marvellous with firm accent on the geometrical patterns in heavy waves.

 Purvi showcases one of the most exotic Ikat designs in existence today in this diminishing hand loom industry.