Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tussar silk sarees are brush painted in beautiful pastel colors

Tussar Silk, also known by its Sanskrit name Kosa silk, some even call it Tassar, is produced from Tusser silkworms. Produced mainly in the Indian state, Jharkhand, Tussar is valued for its texture and natural gold colour, which is unusually rich and deep.

Tussar Silk is a type of wild silk – it is obtained from silk worms that are not bred on mulberry trees but whose cocoons are collected from the local trees like Sal, Arjun and Saja. It is cheaper than cultivated silk Some Tussar silk now a days made is called non-violent silk, or Ahimsa Silk, which is extracted from the cocoon after the silkworm larva has left it.

Traditionally, Tussar was dyed only with natural dyes but over time, the range of color and motifs has increased dramatically, thanks to the introduction of chemical dyes
Every product made out of Tassar has a tale to say and store workers say that a lot of hard work goes into making of the

Purvi is aiming to be a part of Jharkhand Silk Textile and Handicraft Development Corporation Ltd, which aims to promote tussar silk culture in the country and over seas.


  1. Really it is looking nice. I like this art on cloth.Sarees are really ravishing outfit.

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  2. well silk sarees are so glossy and can be termed as a indian wedding sarees too ... especially wedding season is ahead it will have a significance

  3. sarees are the most searched and attractive Indian wear of women clothing.

  4. i knew that paintings were done in kanjivaramsilks sarees and i didnt knew tussar silk sarees also comes in brush painted. nice to know that.