Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beautiful hand block printed Pashmina Saree

Pashmina is a type of fine wool extracted from a Pashmina goat of the Himalayan ranges. The wool obtained is hand woven into various textiles such as the World renowned Pashmina shawl.
Aqua Green block printed Pashmina Saree
The innovation of Purvi is in the development of the Pashmina Saree and the Hand painted Pashmina dupatta which features a much lighter fabric,softer texture and has more gaps for the fabric to breathe unlike the authentic Pashmina fabric.                                                                                      
When Pashmina dupattas and Pashmina Sarees were given some value additions like thread work and hand embroidery they appeared to have a more aesthetic appeal and soon enough it got the fashion prominence during the mid-'90s. Later, a finer and superior quality of yarn known as Cashmere was introduced in Pashmina Saris, which gave an enhanced sheen and softness that the fabric (cashmere blended with silk) had.


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