Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kanjeevaram Queen of Sarees

The way Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees attract women to it clearly states that these sarees are an all time favorite. The Kanjeevaram Saree gets its name from the town it originated in - Kanchipuram.
Kanjeevaram is only its slightly anglicized version! Kanchipuram is a little temple town located about 75kms from Chennai in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu.

The Kanchipuram Saree is made of heavy silk and its so durable that it can be washed with normal water at home. A unique trait of Kanjeevaram silks is the bold and bright color, loved by almost every Indian woman.Of the various silk produced in India, the Kanjeevaram Silk has gained a remarkable reputation all over India and the credit completely goes to the skill and artistry of the silk weavers. Indian silks and Kanjeevaram Silks in particular have been creating waves in the fashion capitals of the world and in haute couture since the past few years.

The finest quality of the silk, the rich and stunning hues and the artistic design of the borders and the pallu set this silk from South India apart from the rest of the country. The Zari work on the border and the pallu are generally woven using gold dipped silver threads. The designers, that design the intricate borders and the exquisite pallu, along with the weavers form a team that weaves exquisiteness from a few strands of silk. Every Kancheepuram Saree is an imaginative creation; a unique masterpiece and no two sarees are identical. Each saree is usually six yards in length and some come in the Nine yard length variety too varying in width. They are classy attire, fit for countless ocassions like wedding, religious ceremonies and parties.


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