Saturday, November 20, 2010

Madhubani painting is an art practiced in the Mithila region of Bihar state, India. It has been done traditionally by the women of villages around the present town of Madhubani

Madhubani paintings are pretty and well recognized by their distinct style of painting. Colorful and vivid in their description and get, the Madhubani art form is well appreciated by one and all. They add a dash of vibrancy in the room and enhance its appeal when used as home decor.

Madhubani Painting on a Mangalagiri Dupatta
Madhubani painting is an expression of day-to-day experiences and beliefs. Madhubani painting is a traditional art symbolism, simplicity and beauty. In the Madhubani painting, the treatment of color is beautifully done. The themes of daily activities, nature, flora and fauna and Hindu Gods are the most prominent.

Madhubani paintings are characterized by the vibrant and bold use of colors and traditional geometric patterns that supports the main theme. Some of the main attributes of all the Madhubani paintings double line border, ornate floral patterns, abstract-like figures of deities and bulging eyes and a jolting nose of the faces of the figures.

The Madhubani painting is a traditional folk art form which has succeeded in creating a place for itself in the internationally and is recognized world wide.

Purvi is the only boutique in India that has been specializing exclusive art form Madhubani paintings on cloth. In particular, this mesmerizing creation was conceived on Mangalagiri Zari Border dupattas and showcased in our retail collection in the Summers of 2007.



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