Thursday, November 11, 2010

The aesthetic beauty of a Kalamkari Salwar Kameez

Kalamkari hand-painting on fabric is a technique used to embellish temple cloth and hangings. Vegetable dyes in deep rich shades like red and blue are used predominantly. Religious themes dominate,with temples,epics and mythological figures being depicted frequently. The aesthetic quality of the fine Kalamkari derives from the superb conceptual and technical skill involved in the work.

How have we added more fire to this technique?

Ikat designs are really subtle with the weave patterns not often glaringly noticable. The 'Daman' of the dupatta is really the only place where you can see any prominent pattern of weaving. So, we exploited the body of these dupattas to engrave amazing murals and figures from events of the Hindu Mythology.


Showcasing traditional Indian Salwar Kameez has been the main stay of this boutique in Mumbai.

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