Monday, November 8, 2010

Sambalpuri Saree - Eloquence in the Six yards

Sambalpuri sarees are from the East coast of India, precisely from Orissa. Sambalpuri sarees are one of a kind and are really unparalleled to the best designer sarees of India. These sarees come in a variety of designs and colours. So, whatever your taste, you will alwas find one which takes you by surprise.

In the 80s, the Sambalpuri saree gained substantial value as a brand, thanks to a decent non-governmental support and the establishment of weavers' cooperatives. The Sambalpuri saree was amongst the favorites of the Late Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
Texture of a Sambalpuri Saree
Sambalpuri textile is 100% hand loom. It is woven using the tie and dye method. The craftsman conceptualizes the design, draws it in accordance to the design, followed by coloring the yarn.
Oh! did I mention, all of these by hand?
The fabrics once colored cannot be bleached. The fabric may become thin and gradually damage but the colour still does not fade. Sambalpuri Saree represents life.The fabric is both silk and cotton.  

Sambalpuri sarees are famous for their unique designs and for their beautiful, effulgent colors. Sambalpuri cotton sarees have a smooth finish and have a distinctly original border and pallu. Fish, conch shell and flower motifs are woven into the fabric. Sometimes floral and animal motifs are also used to decorate the borders and pallu. Silk Sambalpuri sarees from Orissa are also in single and double ikat. In contrast to Patola designs of Gujarat, these sarees are elegant in color and decorated with curved forms.

These sarees have an appealing form, workmanship, design and an amazing colour combination.

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